A Black Couple To Sue American Airlines After Being Kicked Off The Plane

12/09/2021 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
This couple is not happy with the way they were recently treated on their flight with American Airlines. According to reports, Kamia Hoilett and Allan Ali were on the plane heading to Philadelphia from Charlotte when a passenger who was assigned to their row was trying to get in it. During that time, Hoilett was reportedly blocking the flight attendant in the aisle. When she asked the attendant for some space, the attendant would respond “is this going to be a problem?”Hoilett would go on to tell reporters that she didn’t like how the flight attendant was speaking to her in a passive-aggressive tone. A part of the incident was filmed by Ali in a video that has since gone viral. The video shows two flight attendants addressing the couple before one of them knocked Ali’s phone out of his hand. They were removed from the flight and found another that was leaving from Charlotte at 8:20 pm. As of right now, American Airlines has stated that they are investigating the incident and the couple has already reached out to an attorney and filed a complaint against the airlines.