A Man Called Wendy Williams Out For Allegedly Pouring Water On Him While On A Plane

07/23/2021 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
A man is putting Wendy Williams on blast for her alleged behavior.As reported on The Jasmine Brand, an unidentified man accused the talk show host of pouring water on him while they were on a flight. The man also claims Wendy accused him of smelling like marijuana, which is legal, so he didn’t break any laws. In the video footage, the man is on the plane, and you can see Wendy. The text on the man’s video says, “Wendy Williams, YOU HOT. TRYNA, GET ME LOCKED. WENDY WILLIAMS SAID I SMELL LIKE MAD WEED SMH B*TCH!!” It went on to say,“Wendy Williams, you stupid b*tch. You’re going to throw water on me? With your little bum a** security! Alright, bet. Watch this. Watch this.”Take a look at the video, captured by the It’s On-Site blog: