Actor Sarunas J. Jackson Claims Trey Songz Tries To Fight Women

WBLS Staff
03/25/2022 12:00 AM EDT
Insecure actor Sarunas J. Jackson is calling out Trey Songz and claims that the singer has tried to fight women. While on a recent podcast, Jackson tells the story when he had a run-in with the “Love Lost” singer, which he recalls that Songz was trying to physically fight a woman. Jackson also stated that Songz didn’t display that same behavior when he got in the middle of the altercation. “I seen this one, Trey, Trey Songz, b***h a** n***a, try to press women, you know what I’m saying? But then turn down a fade when a n***a came up to him for the fade, turned it down. I’m not cool with n***as like that,” Jackson said. He went on to say, “If he wants to fight women and stuff like that -to me, I can’t operate like that, because you get so many of those and especially once they there and it’s like, it’s unfortunate because I’m a fan. I can separate the man from the artist, but sometimes it starts getting a little too muddy for me.” This isn’t the first time that Jackson had voiced his issues with Songz. Earlier this year he called Songz out after being accused of rape. “He is a b***h. That b***h a**! I hope he gets what he deserves. Can’t stand that disrespectful b***h a**. F*** him.” What are your thoughts on this matter between Sarunas J. Jackson and Trey Songz?