Al B. Sure Shares Details On What Led To Two Month Hospital Stay

November 9, 2022
Al B. Sure Celebrity

Recently singer Al B. Sure made headlines after news broke that he was hospitalized in a coma for two months

The announcement was made by his son, Al B. Sure Jr., via Instagram while thanking everyone for sending him birthday wishes. 

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The singer has since put out a statement saying that he is out of his coma and on the mend to recovery. “A very humble thank you for the prayers my @WBLS1075NYC family. I’m alive, awake, on the mend. Submissively grateful! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah. I’ll share more of my health experience soon in hopes to encourage us all to stay on top of our #HealthandWellness #GoSeetheDoctor ABS!”

Now, Al B. is sharing in detail how he ended up in a coma for two months after posting three reels on his Instagram account. He began the caption of the posts by giving his praises and then went on to say: 

“In early to mid July I was in a meeting over lunch, wrapped up and proceeded back to the studio to continue working on my upcoming project. As I sat in front of the computer I began to lose feeling on the entire left side of my body and fell over to the side,” he wrote. “I only remember sitting in the ER in a wheelchair and my brother @DJEddieF standing next to me speaking with a security guard. It was October when I was made fully aware of what had transpired and able to start to comprehend it all. I had multiple surgeries covering everything from repairing a #hematoma / #hernia to an #OrganTransplant!”

He would go on to continue his story in his post. See all three posts below. 

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We’re glad to hear that Al B. Sure is doing better and we will continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers.