Al Roker Shares Health Update After Leaving Hospital

Al Roker Shares Health Update After Leaving Hospital

12/13/2022 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff

Everyone's favorite weather man, Al Roker, gave his fans a scare after his most recent hospitalization. He was admitted twice after a blood clot from his leg traveled to his lungs. He spoke to his colleagues on the Today Show to give an update on how he's doing.

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Roker called into his show via zoom and gave fans and colleagues his update. He shared that his recovery has been "a tough slog." He continued to share that he is back home but won't be returning back to the show just yet. “It’s been the hardest one yet, and you know I’ve had my share of surgeries,” he said. “It gives you a profound sense of gratitude for this outpouring of prayers and thanks. I’m a very fortunate person.”

The weatherman discussed where he is in regards to his strength. “You lose a certain amount of muscle mass for every week you’re in the hospital, and I was in the hospital for four weeks,” he recalled. “It’s just a certain amount of weakness. I’m doing physical therapy every day, occupational therapy. I’ve got to just get my strength back.”

Throughout the entire interaction, Al Roker was in high spirits. Despite battling several health problems, he says “I feel good, I feel strong, and every day I feel a little bit better.”

"I made dinner last night," he shared. "It's going to be a little bit of a slog. But a lot of people have to deal with a lot more with a lot fewer resources, so I'm very fortunate, very blessed to be able to have the resources I've had."

Roker shared that his wife and daughters have been by his side throughout his journey and his son will be home soon.