Al Roker Teases Cameo In ‘Good Burger 2’

July 12, 2023
Celebrity good burger

Just when you thought Al Roker was taking a break, he pops up once more. The nationally loved weatherman is confirmed to make a cameo in the upcoming Good Burger sequel.

Roker announced the news Tuesday during the live broadcast of the Today Show. He shared footage from an exclusive interview her had with the stars of the movie, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

In the footage, Roker is seen in a makeup chair and jokingly says, “I’m ready for my close-up!” Additionally, he shows a trailer with his name on it, all clues that he may be making a surprise appearance in the highly anticipated film.

Roker was also able to catch up with the actors to see what their characters have been up to over 25 years later.

“Ed owns the place now, Good Burger. Dex comes back around. They haven’t seen each other in a few years, so it’s things that unravel with that,” said Mitchell.

“The usual hijinks,” Thompson added.

Thompson also shared that he and Mitchell are “really proud that we’re making something that everybody can just gather up whoever’s around and go enjoy something together.”