Alicia Keys Recalls Jay-Z's Reaction After Infamous Moment When Lil Mama Stormed The Stage During VMA's Performance

12/09/2021 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
Alicia Keys is recalling the infamous 2009 moment when Lil Mama stormed the stage during her performance with Jay-Z.During a recent interview, Alicia was asked "how mad was you at Lil Mama when she f*cked up your performance?" It turns out.. Alicia didn't even notice.She explains, "somehow, however she got over here, I didn't even bear witness to. The whole show, I was... so focused on making it amazing. I went backstage and Jay was like, 'So, you ain't see that?'" she recalled. "He was like, 'Nah, you ain't just see what just happened?' And I was like, 'Yeah, we killed it. That's what just happened.'"Watch the interview below.