Amazing! Judge Robin Ransom Becomes Missouri's First Black Supreme Court Judge

05/26/2021 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
This is amazing. Judge Robin Ransom was appointed by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson to become one of the state’s Supreme Court Judge, making her the first Black woman to be in that position. Ransom is replacing the judge who retired earlier this year. Ransom expressed her feelings about being appointed in a recent press conference. “As the daughter of a fireman who worked and lived in a segregated engine house when he worked for the fire department, this is a very happy day for my mom, myself, and my entire family.” Judge Ransom served on the state’s Court of Appeals, she was also a circuit judge for the city of St. Louis and was a lawyer in the county’s prosecutor’s and public defender’s offices. Governor Mike Parson also expressed his feelings about appointing Judge Ransom to Supreme Court Justice. to Judge Robin Ransom.