Aoki Simmons Does Not Regret Calling Out Her Father Russell Simmons For Emotional Abuse

September 14, 2023 - Krista B.
Aoki Simmons Celebrity Russell Simmons
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A few months ago all eyes were on Aoki Simmons and her parents Kimora Lee Simmons, and Russell Simmons, after allegations about Russell’s emotional abuse surfaced. 

Both Kimora and Aoki went on social media to tell their truth about going through years of abuse from Russell Simmons. Aoki is now revealing that she has no regrets about sharing it with the world.

“I don’t regret it,” she said in a recent interview. “Part of it was already out there. There were reasons I thought it was reasonable to publish, because it was playing out in, like, a silent bubble.”

The issue stemmed from Aoki’s older sister Ming Lee’s father’s day post which she dedicated to her mother. Russell would snap back by commenting on his co-parenting situation with Kimora calling it a challenge. 

Kimora and her daughters would later call him out on social media. They revealed that the Def Jam founder doesn’t financially provide for his daughters. “Nobody relies on him. He’s flat broke and won’t even get me an Uber at night if I’m unsafe,” Aoki said. 

See the posts below.

Fans became worried for the Harvard graduate when she posted a video of her father seemingly yelling and berating her. Watch below. What are your thoughts on this?