Beyoncé Reacts To Tyler Perry's Reenactment Of 'Beychella' Set

WBLS Staff
03/03/2022 12:00 AM EST
Last Friday, (February 25th), Tyler Perry released his highly anticipated film “A Madea Homecoming” on Netflix. However, it was the ending of the movie that had viewers in shock. At the end of the movie, Madea was dressed up as Beyonce from her iconic Coachella/Beychella performance in 2018. Queen Bey has since shared her reaction to the hilarious tribute.He stated that he got permission from Netflix and Beyonce before releasing the film and said, “Before anybody saw it before Netflix saw it, I sent her a clip, ‘Is this OK? If not, it will never see the light of day. You say yes or no,’” in a conversation with the “Hold Up” singer. According to Perry, she approved the performance and said “she laughed so hard. And here we are and there it is.” Have you watched “A Madea Homecoming” yet?