Big Daddy Kane Advocates To Make Jay-Z's Birthday A Holiday

Big Daddy Kane Advocates To Make Jay-Z's Birthday A Holiday

01/06/2024 01:25 PM EST by WBLS Staff

Brooklyn has been working to make JAY-Z‘s birthday a national holiday and now Big Daddy Kane is supporting those efforts., and he couldn’t be more thrilled about the prospect.

In a conversation with TMZ, he shared his thogughts on what the city is tryong to achieve.

“I think it’s real cool,” Kane said. “You gotta understand: Hip Hop is a culture. A music culture. And now, it’s a genre that people shun down upon, look down upon, and when you see that it can grow billionaires, it can become a multi-genre where there’s different forms of Hip Hop.”

“It can become the biggest grossing music genre and see, if an artist can get a national holiday? I’m all for it," he continued.

The efforts to turn Jay-Z's birthday into a holiday began in December. The legislation was first introduced by Council Member Farah Louis and co-sponsored by Combat Jack’s son, Chi Ossé, alongside Kevin C. Riley, Crystal Hudson, and Jennifer Gutiérrez.  

“The global phenomenon that is JAY-Z, born Shawn Carter, is widely known as an artist, mogul, husband and father, wealth builder, and supportive economic development and community causes,” Louis said in the resolution meeting, according to the hearing notes.

“Both his career and success have spanned decades,” she continued. “The accolades for Mr. Carter are filling museums, magazines, and libraries. TV shows and radio programs clamor to provide content dedicated to his masterful work that has inspired many. December 4th, as JAY-Z Day, announces to the