Bishop Lamor Whitehead Breaks Silence After Being Arrested For Fraud

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Breaks Silence After Being Arrested For Fraud

12/21/2022 12:00 AM EST by Krista B.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is speaking out since being arrested by the feds on fraud and extortion charges.

We recently reported that Whitehead was arrested on Dec 19, (Monday), however after being released on bail, he went on his Instagram Live to address the situation at hand while claiming his innocence.

“Just because you are arrested doesn’t make you guilty. We live in America, and you are innocent until proven guilty,” he said. The Bishop went on to make references on when his church was robbed while on a livestream.

“Don’t make the same mistake that you made when my church was robbed. The world went against me, you guys turned me from a victim to a villain,” he said. “Everybody said I set up the robbery. Everybody was 100% sure I set up the robbery, and then when they caught the two of the three of the men that robbed my church, everybody got quiet. I need y’all to give me an opportunity.”

Whitehead added, “If I wasn’t a man of God, the enemy wouldn’t be fighting me. The words that are uttered from my mouth are straight from God. You can ridicule me, you can call me all types of names and you can say what you will say about me, but you’re going to remember this bishop. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Y’all drunk it already. Don’t drink it again.”

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead was charged with extortion, fraud, and lying to federal authorities. Prosecutors are claiming that Whitehead had “solicited money from victims, including a retired parishioner through empty promises in which he kept the money for himself.”

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