Brittney Griner Partners With Disney To Tell Her Story

Brittney Griner Partners With Disney To Tell Her Story

12/07/2023 11:54 PM EST by WBLS Staff

WNBA star Brittney Griner will partner exclusively with ESPN and Disney Entertainment Television to share her story in various projects released on their platforms. Griner’s wife, Cherelle Griner, will also serve as an executive producer on the projects.

She will also sit down with Robin Roberts for her first exclusive interview since returning to the U.S after her detainment in Russia.

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Griner was taken into custody in a Moscow-area airport in February 2022 for possession of hashish oil, an illegal substance in Russia. She had the oil, a cannabis product, in vaping cartridges when she was returning to play for her Russian club, UMMC Ekaterinburg. The offense resulted in a nine-year prison sentence.

The U.S. government eventually facilitated her return in December 2022, through negotiations that involved the release of arms dealer Viktor Bout.

The Disney partnership aims to bring Griner's inspiring tale to a global audience, showcasing her resilience and determination. The documentary, produced by ESPN Films, will feature exclusive footage, records, and letters from Griner's time in prison. Additionally, a scripted series on Griner's life is already "in the works."

"The last two years have been the most harrowing, transformative and illuminating period of my life, and I am grateful to be in a place now to share my story with the world,” said Brittney Griner, in a statement. “I’m proud to partner with ESPN and Disney to share this very personal story because of its incredible potential to inspire hope around the world and their proven ability to do just that.”