CDC Puts Temporary Halt On Evictions Nationwide Due To The Pandemic

09/04/2020 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
As the pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of many, it's also causing a financial burden on many Americans. Housing advocates and landlord groups warn that if Congress doesn’t do more to help, millions of people could be put out of their homes. According to a report, the Trump Administration, enacted through the CDC, is ordering a halt on evictions nationwide until December. is intended to help people who have lost their job due to coronavirus. There are mixed feelings about it. Diane Yentel, CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, said“It's a pretty extraordinary and bold and unprecedented measure that the White House is taking that will save lives and prevent tens of millions of people from losing their homes in the middle of a pandemic." However, Landlords are worried about being in the hole. The president of the National Multifamily Housing Council, Doug Bibby said he’s “disappointed” with the decision“We are disappointed that the administration has chosen to enact a federal eviction moratorium without the existence of dedicated, long-term funding for rental and unemployment assistance."The government said it will impose a penalty on landlords if they don’t abide by the ban. Evictions for reasons other than nonpayment is allowed. Under the order, renters have to sign a declaration “saying they don't make more than $99,000 a year — or twice that if filing a joint tax return — and that they have no other option if evicted other than homelessness or living with more people in close proximity,” according to the report.Via