Celebrate Your Family History With Our Lineage: Unforgettable

WBLS Staff
11/19/2022 12:00 AM EST

It has been a difficult couple of years due to unfortunate events due to the pandemic, and civil unrest in our country. One thing this time in our history has done is made us become closer to our family, our culture, our lineage. This year for Circle of Sisters, we wanted to celebrate YOU. It’s a celebration of our time back together and connecting again with our community. One way we wanted to do that is with a timeless piece titled “Unforgettable.”

“Unforgettable” takes a second to look back at the generations of family members who came before you to make you who you are today. It is a proud celebration of not only yourself as a person, but your entire family.

Tracing our family roots through different generations helps us connect more deeply, and having a bigger understanding with ourselves. It reminds us who we are, the sacrifices they made for us to thrive and the dreams they had.

Celebrate your lineage with us, with this piece “Unforgettable” and tell us your families story on

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