Chaka Khan Never Intended On Being A Solo Artist

Chaka Khan Never Intended On Being A Solo Artist

01/05/2024 07:11 PM EST by WBLS Staff

Chaka Khan revealed that she didn't want to leave the group that started her music career.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Khan, 70, said that it was never her desire to be a solo artist. Khan began her career in the 1972 as a lead vocalist of the funk band "Ask Rufus". The group was one of the most influential bands of the time, with hits such as, "Tell Me Something Good", "Sweet Thing", and "Do You Love What You Feel."

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As Khan's star rose, she began to be singled out on album covers for the band, leading to strife within the group. "We were having a great time as a group,” she said, “Everybody was getting along. Everything was fine. And I was enjoying it. It was fun. It was great. And it was just when they put my name out front, that’s when all the crap started. The trouble came, because they started focusing on me."

She added that Rufus was already an established band so it was awkward when the media made her the star attraction. "They were a band that had [already] been around for an and I felt really, I was thankful to be with a band like that, with a history. And it was awkward for me, very awkward. I never did see myself as a solo artist.”

Despite not wanting to go solo, Khan is heralded as one of greatest entertainers in R&B, funk and soul. With over 12 albums and countless accolades, it's safe to pivoting to a solo artist has paid dividends for Khan.
The ten-time Grammy winner is currently on tour celebrating 50 years in the recording industry.