Chilli’s Son, Tron Austin, Supports Her New Relationship

May 1, 2023
Celebrity Chilli

Chilli has been getting a lot of buzz lately surrounding her relationship with Boy Meets World actor, Matthew Lawrence. Fans have been loving the couple, even former TLC member, T-Boz has approved of the lovebirds’ romance. Now, Chilli has gotten the thumbs up from her son, Tron Austin.

The 25-year-old singer, who appears in the new Paramount+ seriesĀ Family Legacy, spoke to People Magazine to dish out his thoughts on the relationship.

“Oh man, I just like seeing her happy, you know? As someone who is now five years into my relationship, I love seeing humans connect and witnessing that genuineness. I feel that from him,” he says.

“We’ve only met a couple of times because they’re really building their relationship since she’s very careful about that kind of stuff,” Austin adds. He says that dating in the spotlight is not easy, so her willingness to be public shows him that “this is a very special person in her life.”

“I wish them all the best and I think he’s a great guy,” he continues. “I do MMA and he said that he recently started doing jujitsu, so we have some commonalities and stuff that we talk about. I’m really happy for her.”