Chris Brown Faces $2 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Popeyes Loan 

September 26, 2023
Chris brown

Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit over an unpaid loan to purchase two Popeyes chicken restaurants. City National Bank is suing the singer, alleging it loaned him and two other associates $2 million — which remains unpaid — to purchase a pair of Popeyes restaurants.

According to legal documents, as of February 17, 2023, Brown and his guarantors owe $2,140,901.74 in unpaid loans and interest. The bank forked over the cash in 2018 and attempted to collect it years later. Although the lawsuit technically originated in the state of Georgia, the bank filed a case in Los Angeles courts since Brown is a current resident.

The filing also reveals R&B producer, The Dream was also a recipient of the bank loan. It claims the “proceeds” were to “invest in two Popeyes restaurants.” Both Brown and The Dream are a part of an investment group that bought into Popeyes.

It’s unknown if Brown’s intended purchase of the two Popeyes restaurants was successful or if the result was financially viable.

It is estimated that Chris Brown’s net worth is $50 million.