Chuck D Ready To End Beef w/ Flava Flav After ‘Firing’ Him From Public Enemy

WBLS Staff
05/25/2021 12:00 AM EDT
Two living icons are ready to put their differences in the past. As reported on The Jasmine Brand, Public Enemy’s Chuck D is ready to end his feud with Flava Flav.Last year in March, Chuck D fired Flava Flav from their group Public Enemy. The article notes that the “firing” “followed an alleged dispute over Public Enemy’s appearance at a political rally supporting Bernie Sanders.” Chuck D assured fans his fallout with Flav had nothing to do with Public Enemy’s appearance at a rally.Chuck D spoke to Talib Kweli about the situation and said, “He can’t be fired. He’s a partner. You don’t fire partners. You just walk away from them.” Chuck went on to say he didn’t intend on firing Flav. He just wanted to get his attention.During the unveiling of the Hip Hop museum last week, TMZ asked Chuck D if Public Enemy planned on reuniting again. He responded and said, “the ball is in Flavor Flav’s court, and it’s up to him.”It’s not exactly clear if the group is on speaking terms. However, Chuck made it clear he’s ready to move forward.