D.L. Hughley Reacts To Pete Davidson Getting Tattoos Of Kim Kardashian's Children's Names

05/03/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
It’s safe to say that D.L. Hughley does not approve of Pete Davidson tattooing Kim Kardashian's children’s names on him. Davidson, who is no stranger to tattoos, recently got the letters “KNSCP” tattooed on his neck and has fans believing that it represents the names of Kardashian’s children with ex-husband, Kanye West. D.L. Hughley is not feeling it and called the move “out of pocket.” He also said, “I think it’s his body, it’s his woman, but those are Kanye’s kids. That would piss me off.” Hughley went on to say, “It’s none of my business, but if you tattoo my kids’ name on your neck, I’d have something to say about it.” He added that Davidson’s tattoo will only provoke West. “Listen, nobody’s telling you you can’t live your life. If that’s your woman, you have a good time. But if you put that man’s kids on your neck, that’s antagonizing. That’s out of pocket for me.” Kanye West has expressed his disdain for the Saturday Night Live actor and has even threatened him on social media before taking a break from it. What are your thoughts on Davidson’s tattoo decision?