Da Brat Shares First Photos of Newborn Son ‘True Legend’

August 9, 2023
Da Brat True Legend

Da Brat and Judy are basking in joy of their baby boy.

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Da Brat and wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart shared first photos of their newborn son, True Legend. The interview comes one month after True was born.

“Look, this came out of my stomach,” Da Brat , pointing to her tiny newborn, sleeping soundly in the arms of Judy at their home in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta. “I cry every day. I just look at him and boo-hoo, because I’m so grateful.

As revealed on their reality show (WE TV’s Brat Loves Judy), Da Brat was told she had fibroid tumors and couldn’t carry a child to term. She sought out an opinion from a second doctor who said the fibroids weren’t that big of a deal and that she could carry as long as she had them removed first.

“I’m 49, I’m high-risk, I have high blood pressure. So many women so much younger than me want kids and can’t have them, and I had a successful pregnancy,” she tearfully shared with the magazine. “It’s just an honor. He’s such a blessing.”

“I was stuck in the closet for so many years”

Da Brat also shared that Harris-Dupart, whom she met in 2017, helped the rapper open up about her sexuality.

“I was stuck in the closet for so many years, I thought I would never come out,” she said. “But I met somebody that gave me the courage to live in my own truth. Now I’m happily married.”

Da Brat underwent in vitro fertility (IVF) treatments using eggs from Harris-Dupart and sperm from an anonymous donor. Then, following a heartbreaking miscarriage, she became pregnant with their son.

“I think God plans out our journey,” she said. “I’m very happy He saw fit for me to have him.”