Dallas Police Department Fires Officer Amber Guyger, Charged with Manslaughter

WBLS Staff
09/25/2018 12:00 AM EDT

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Instagram

Officer Amber Guyger is officially off the force after Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall announced her dismissal from the department yesterday (Sept. 24).

Hall received a lot of pressure to fire Guyger after she fatally shot 26-ear-old Botham Jean in his apartment. She claims she mistook his apartment for hers, and thought he was an intruder.

According to the New York Times, Jean’s family attorney said, Chief Hall contacted them last night to notify them that she would be releasing Guyger from her duties.

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“She had to answer some tough questions specifically about why it took so long,” Merritt told press yesterday.

Merritt went on to say that the Jean family sees Guyger’s firing as a “victory.”

Chief Hall told reporters that she was able to move forward with Guyger’s firing now that a “critical portion” of the investigation is over. She also stated that, “As a police chief, my job is to ensure the integrity, the highest level of integrity in this criminal investigation, and that is what I did.”