Donald Glover Confirms That He Secretly Married Longtime Girlfriend Hours Before Filming 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'

Donald Glover Confirms That He Secretly Married Longtime Girlfriend Hours Before Filming 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'

Krista B.
02/08/2024 10:25 AM EST

Donald Glover has dropped a bombshell! He has revealed that he secretly married his longtime girlfriend, Michelle White, then went to shoot the Prime Video series Mr. & Mrs. Smith. 

Glover’s co-star, Maya Erskine, made the announcement first in an interview. “He got married during the show,” she said. The actor/rapper then confirmed the news. “Yeah. There was a day where I don’t think we had to be on set until noon or 1, so, I was like, ‘Can we get married today?’ I got married in the morning. We had a real wedding afterwards, too. That night, though, we went to our favorite restaurant and then her parents and my mom were waiting for us at the house.”

If you remember, Glover once said that he doesn’t believe in marriage, however he explained his change of heart. “I think what happened was, well, number one, I didn’t know what I was getting out of it. I felt like I knew what she was getting out of it, and I didn’t feel like she was being honest, necessarily, about what she was getting out of it. I was thinking about it in such a silly way, which I see now. Now I realize, yeah, maybe she’s gaining some stuff, but she’s also losing a lot of stuff.”

He added that it was his now-wife who wanted to take their relationship to the next step. “We eventually had an honest talk and she was like, ‘I’m a traditional woman.’ And when she said that, some part of me was like, ‘And I want to help you be that.’ Whatever she needs me to be, that makes me happy. Especially nowadays, finding trust is so hard, and the fact that we have this and that we can even argue about it and still be like, ‘But I love you’ — I mean, how many people have that?”

Glover added, “It’s a very romantic thing to be like, ‘Oh, I can be your knight in shining armor and you’re letting me, you’re being vulnerable for me.’ And we just kept talking about those kinds of things on this show because we were all getting married. Fran, too. It’s funny, in the Atlanta writers room, we were all anti-marriage.”

“Yeah. That last episode in Atlanta was not supposed to end with [Van and Earn together]. Originally, it was this whole other episode. They go their separate ways. We kept fighting [over it] in the writers room. It was split right down the middle, the men and the women, with the women literally feeling like she shouldn’t be with him and then all the boys, like, ‘He’s doing it all for them.’ And then because the pandemic happened, everybody just started [saying to their spouses], ‘I only want to be with you,’ and we came back and wrote that episode.”

Donald Glover and Michelle White began dating in 2016 and they share three children together. Congratulations to the happy couple.