Erica Mena Receives Backlash For Calling Co-Star A Monkey

August 31, 2023 - Krista B.
Erica Mena Love and hip hop Racism spice

Erica Mena is in the hot seat after an argument got heated between her and her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Spice. 

In a now-viral clip, Erica and Spice began to argue over Erica’s ex-husband, Safaree. However, things quickly turned when Spice mentioned Erica’s oldest son and claimed that he doesn’t love her.

Erica would then flip the table on Spice and try to get to her before the security guards intervene. During the argument, Erica can be heard saying that Spice should’ve died after she went into septic shock last year, and she also called her a “blue monkey.” 

Social media has since called Erica Mena out for her remarks to Spice. One user said, “This isn’t colorism. This is Racism. Erica Mena isn’t Black. Colorism is exercised within the same ethnic group/race. Calling Spice a “monkey” is pure, cut-and-dry textbook RACISM.” 

See what other fans had to say about the situation. 

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