Erika Alexander And Queen Latifah Reunite And Spill Some 'Living Single' Tea

Erika Alexander And Queen Latifah Reunite And Spill Some 'Living Single' Tea

WBLS Staff
01/29/2024 03:44 PM EST

Living Single, an iconic and influential TV series, recently had a heartwarming reunion on The Drew Barrymore Show between two of its beloved stars, Erika Alexander and Queen Latifah. The chemistry and connection among the four leading ladies of the show have left a lasting impact, making fans eager for a potential revival.

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During the "Final Five" segment of the talk show, Queen Latifah surprised Erika Alexander with a video appearance, reminiscing about their time on the show. 

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen her," Alexander said. "I love her. Congratulations on ‘The Equalizer,’ she’s a mommy now, everything.”

As part of the reunion, Latifah asked Alexander about her most memorable behind-the-scenes moment from Living Single. Alexander shared a story that captured both inspiration and humor, revealing the camaraderie among the cast. She recounted the times when the women, including Kim Fields and Kim Coles, would playfully compare breasts in their wardrobe room, emphasizing the importance of "body positivity."

“We used to have so much fun and we would undress in front of each other and compare breasts,” Alexander recalled. “And I had the smallest in there, which is saying something, because they were some big begonias going all around.” She highlighted how they, as a cast, supported and cheered each other on, especially during a time when they were breaking ground by representing "bigger women" on television.

“To actually go and have our first person that saw us in wardrobe go, ‘Look at that! Look at how they’re sitting up, those are fine,’” she continued. “We gave ourselves a lot of encouragement. So, yes, I remember that a lot. A lot of body positivity.”

The nostalgia and genuine affection displayed during this mini-reunion underscored the sisterhood and love that made Living Single a classic. Even as characters like Max and Regine threw insults at each other on screen, the bond among the cast was unbreakable. Fans hope that this heartwarming reunion is a precursor to a full-fledged "Living Single" comeback, perhaps with guest stars adding to the excitement.

In the meantime, for those looking to relive the shenanigans of Khadijah, Max, Regine, and Synclaire, Living Single is available for binge-watching on Hulu and Max. The reunion between Erika Alexander and Queen Latifah served as a reminder of the show's impact and the enduring friendships formed during its production. As Queen Latifah hinted in 2017, a revival might be in the works, keeping the hopes of fans alive for more adventures with this beloved group of friends living in a Brooklyn brownstone.