Erykah Badu Is Recognized As A Music Icon + Ari Lennox Goes OFF On Fan During Show | The Rewind

Erykah Badu Is Recognized As A Music Icon + Ari Lennox Goes OFF On Fan During Show | The Rewind

WBLS Staff
12/01/2023 10:32 PM EST

WBLS Reviews Some Of The Biggest Headlines Of The Week During The Rewind, hosted by JusNik

Topics discussed this week:

Diddy Steps Down Amid Allegations

Sean Combs, famously known as Diddy, faces serious allegations including accusations of abuse and rape by multiple individuals, notably R&B singer Cassie. In response, Combs decided to temporarily step down as chairman of Revolt, the music-oriented television network he co-founded. His departure aims to ensure the network stays true to its mission of supporting Black communities amid the challenging allegations.

Erykah Badu's Recognition as Music Icon

Erykah Badu graces the cover of GQ Germany as the Music Icon of the Year, showcasing her confidence and iconic status. The feature praises Badu's Grammy-winning career and her influential role as the 'Queen of Neo-Soul' and cultural rebel.

Jonathan Majors' Trial Begins

Actor Jonathan Majors started his trial on charges related to domestic violence in New York. He faces accusations of assault and harassment stemming from an incident involving his former girlfriend. Majors pleaded not guilty, and discussions regarding his "celebrity status" have arisen during court proceedings, with the judge yet to decide on certain matters.

Ari Lennox's Concert Disruption

During a performance in Los Angeles, Ari Lennox faced disruption when a water bottle was thrown at her from the audience. The singer confronted the individual responsible, causing visible agitation, before security intervened to escort her off stage. Lennox hasn't publicly addressed the incident as of now.