Eva Marcille Comes To Tyra Banks’ Defense Amid Continuous Social Media Backlash

January 8, 2022

Eva Marcille is not here for the constant backlash that Tyra Banks has been receiving on social media due to the issues that have arisen from the show, America’s Next Top Model. 

For a few weeks, Banks has been called out on Twitter after clips resurfaced of her being “psychologically damaging to the contestants.”

Eva was recently on her podcast, The Undressing Room, where she discussed the things that took place on the show. 

“If there’s ever been a show that talked about body image and tore down the standards that America put what a woman should look like, it’s Top Model,” she said. 

She continued, “‘Cause they put my little Black butt at 5’7 up to be called beautiful. So, with that being said, there are plus-size, there are short, there are freckles, there are Winne Harlows, there are all these women that Tyra made it a point to show, underline and highlight their beauty, which no other industry would do. So y’all gon leave Tyra alone, too.”

The cycle three winner reminded listeners that Banks has addressed the issues that are continuously being resurfaced online. Marcille also pointed out that it was Janice Dickinson, one of the show’s judges who told her that she should get a nose job, not Tyra.