Faith Evans and Stevie J are Already Talking About Having Kids

July 30, 2018

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Faith Evans and Stevie J have been married less than two weeks, but they’re already talking kids.

The super producer already has six kids – including those with Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez – but he may be ready for more.

TMZ caught up with the newlyweds and got the couple’s first take on their Las Vegas nuptials.

The outlet reports the couple “insists the hookup is not a publicity stunt,” and listens to them as they try to explain how they got together.

“It really didn’t take long once we found out there was something there, right?” Stevie J said as he looked at his new wife for confirmation.

Faith responded saying, “There was always a love there but I never saw him in a romantic way…but a couple years ago, we were in the studio and I felt a little somethin’ somethin’.”

And for those who doubt the realness or passion in Faith and Stevie’s relationship, just check out the video to their new single, “A Minute.”