FAMU Students File Lawsuit Against State of Florida For Underfunding University

September 27, 2022

Six Florida A&M University students filed a class action lawsuit against the state of Florida.

According to Tallahassee Democrat, the state of Florida has not been giving FAMU, an HBCU, equal funds or resources when compared to what other universities are getting, including Florida State University.

The students have cited numerous frustrations while enrolled at FAMU including housing issues, athletic department issues, pest infestation and fire and water damage at one of the residence halls.

Barbara Hart, an attorney and principal at Grant & Eisenhofer, is one of the lawyers representing the six students. In an interview with Tallahassee Democrat, she shared how the multiple issues at the university compounded overtime. “The lack of fair funding over time just compounds the problem,” Hart added during a phone call with the Democrat Thursday. “We did our research, it all came together, the clients felt very strongly about it and we’re moving forward.”

Among the six student plaintiffs are juniors with majors in psychology, math education, engineering and music industry, a first-year graduate student in chemistry and Denton, a Doctor of Pharmacy candidate.

“Our school has always made a little go a long way, but we shouldn’t have to,” Denton said in a prepared statement. “There are bright and determined people here who deserve the same level of support and quality of resources as FSU next door or any other state school in Florida. We’re proud to be here, and we want Florida to be proud to support us, and other HBCUs, equally.”