Fans Urge Nationwide To Pay Erica Campbell’s Daughter For Using Her Vocals

October 9, 2023
Erica Campbell

Fans are insisting that Erica Campbell’s daughter, Zaya Campbell, receive compensation from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, after the youngster’s rendition of their jingle became a now-viral TikTok sound. 

Nearly six years ago, the “Mary Mary” vocalist and Zaya went viral for capturing their revival of the catchy phrase in a video that is still circulating online today. In the clip, Zaya put a gospel-like spin on Nationwide’s iconic saying, “Nationwide is on your side.” 

The insurance company made a post referencing, Zaya’s rendition without tagging or crediting her. The caption read, “🚨 new bio 🚨.” It wasn’t long before Instagram users flooded the comments demanding that Nationwide pay Zaya for what they see as profiting off her rendition.  

“I know you’re compensating this little girl/ her family and ensuring they’re not being taken advantage of, right, Nationwide? ❤️❤️,” one user wrote.

Others joined in via Twitter:

PAY THAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“We are being exploited. Where is this baby’s money?”

“She needs a commercial.” 

Last month, the Mary Mary singer posted a video of Zaya and her son, Wozy Campbell, lip-synching the popular tune. 

“We decided to join the fun and do a sequel starring Wozy and Zaya!! @nationwide, Campbell wrote.