Flavor Flav Honors Eminem While Visiting His Restaurant

August 24, 2023 - Krista B.
Eminem Flavor Flav Greatest Rapper

The legendary rapper Flavor Flav gives Eminem his flowers while visiting his restaurant in Detroit. 

The Public Enemy rapper posted a video on Instagram of him standing in front of Eminem’s restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti, where he complimented the food and gave the Detroit native his flowers. 

“Eyo Eminem, Flavor Flav right here in yo spot eating some Mom’s Spaghetti while it’s still hot,” he said. “And yo, let me tell you something, it’s some real good spaghetti, Eminem. I ain’t gonna lie, G, know what I’m sayin’.’ Y’know I had to come and support you, man, word up.” 

Flav added, “And thank you for shoutin’ me out in your records, man. You be shoutin’ Flavor Flav out in your records, man. I love you, man, y’know what I’m sayin’. You the best rapper alive, bro, you need to know that, y’know what I’m sayin’.”

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