Fomer 'RHOP' Star Monique Samuels Speaks About The Wendy/Mia Altercation

Fomer 'RHOP' Star Monique Samuels Speaks About The Wendy/Mia Altercation

11/23/2022 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff

The recent episode of Real Housewives of Potomac has fans picking sides in the altercation that took place between Dr. Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton while on a girls' trip in Miami.

While eating dinner at Peter Thomas’ restaurant Bar One, the women got into a heated argument that led Mia to throw a drink at Wendy. The encounter happened after Mia told Wendy that she should’ve checked in with Thomas when she landed in Miami because they were looking to do business together.

Wendy didn’t like the comment and responded to Mia by saying, “The only man I let know I’m coming into town is my husband. Sweetie, maybe you talk to other men like that. Maybe that’s how you and your husband play, me and my husband don’t play like that, period!”

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She added, “You’re telling me to call some guy while I’m in town, I’m not in town for business.” The altercation continued to go on when Mia hit Wendy with her purse and broke a few fingernails.

After things cooled down, Wendy turned her attention to Gizelle, calling her a hypocrite for having Mia’s side. “I’m not gonna hear Mia empathizers or somebody who is okay with violence now,” she said. “But when Monique did it to Candiace she was against violence.”

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In season 5, Monique and Candiace got into a fight at a winery, with Monique grabbing Candiace by the hair and hitting her, while Candiace was swinging a broken wine glass trying to break free.

Monique has since chimed in about the fight and said, “I don’t know the entire story but I applaud Wendy for not getting physical as I did after I was hit in the face with a glass. She had every reason to defend herself after being splashed in the face and then apparently hit with a purse and she chose to use her words instead.”

Samuels added, “One thing Wendy said to me back then at Karen’s home was she would never get physical, she would use her words. Clearly, she lived up to that statement in this moment.”

What are your thoughts about this entire situation?