Former Olympian Kim Glass Nearly Blinded After Vicious Attack

07/12/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Kim Glass comes clean about being the victim of a vicious attack that took place in Los Angeles. The former Olympian went on her Instagram's now-deleted story to show her injuries as she explain what happened. Glass said the incident occurred after she left lunch with a friend. “Yesterday I was in downtown LA and I had lunch. As I was leaving lunch, I was outside saying goodbye and this homeless man ran up,” she recalled. “He just like looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes.”She continued, “As I turned to tell my friend ‘I think something’s wrong with him and I think he’s going to hit the car,’ before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like pipe, hit me. It just happened so fast. He literally flung it from the street, he was not even close to me at all.”Glass believes that she was hit with a pipe or a large bolt that ultimately fractured the bones in her face and left her right eye swollen shut. A witness stopped the attack by grabbing the man and pinning him down until the police took over. Glass said that the doctors believe that her vision should not be affected as she heals. “I have amazing friends and family around me, and supporting me, and that has been the best part. Guys, just be safe out there. Keep your head on a swivel and off your phones. I wasn’t but I still wasn’t ready for it. There are a lot of mentally ill people on these streets right now. You shouldn’t have to be fearful when you walk, but it’s true,” she concluded.Kim Glass played in the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she won a silver medal in Volleyball. She is currently working as a coach, trainer, model, and social media fitness influencer.