Former ‘Scandal’ Star Scott Foley Says Tyra Banks is His ‘Worst’ On-Camera Kiss [VIDEO]

03/02/2019 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Usually stars don’t kiss and tell, but former Scandal star Scott Foley (who fans remember as Jake Ballard) didn’t hold back when talking about his “worst” on-screen kiss – and he says the award goes to Tyra Banks.

Foley’s had plenty of experience acting out scenes of passion with a plethora of women over the years – Kerry Washington, Keri Russel, Kim Rivers, Courtney Cox – but he claims the supermodel “just wasn’t into it” when they shared kiss on the set of Felicity in 2000.

Scott and Tyra locked lips when their characters Noel and Jane sat down to discuss whether or not they should take their friendship to the next level.

The Kansas City-born actor stopped by the set of Watch What Happens Live last night (Feb. 28), and when Andy Cohen asked about his worst on-screen kiss, he said, “[Tyra] was just not into it. I think it was her first on-screen kiss, and I was so excited about it, but it was a lot bigger than it needed to be or should have been — which isn’t always bad… but most of them are great and that [one wasn’t].”

Nervous about what her response might be to his comments, Foley jokingly followed up, saying, “Oh, she’s going to kill me!”

While Foley says his worst camera kiss was from Tyra Banks, former Scandal co-star Kerry Washington says Foley ranks high in her most unenjoyable smooch list. And Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant) is right next to Foley.

“They’re equally, um… I don’t enjoy kissing either one,” said Washington, 42. “I think they’re both lovely men! I love my job and I like that I get to work with such talented, extraordinary guys. But it’s awkward.”

Check out the awkward love scene below.