Gabrielle Union Set To Debut Special, \"My Journey To 50\"

Gabrielle Union Set To Debut Special, \"My Journey To 50\"

06/01/2023 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Gabrielle Union is inviting viewers to witness her birthday celebration.

Premiering June 15th, "Gabrielle Union: My Journey to 50" is a two-part special that follows Union, husband Dwayne Wade and loved ones on an epic journey as she travels across multiple countries in Africa in celebration of her 50th birthday.

The film will showcase Union's continental journey through Africa, from the island of Zanzibar to the coast of Ghana to the parks of Namibia and the nightlife of South Africa.

For Union, the journey through Africa is more than a birthday celebration. In the film, she walks the path of her heritage, gains wisdom and sheds what no longer works for her. As viewers witness her journey, she hopes it will encourage them to relearn, rediscover and reconnect with their most authentic selves.

“I’ve always had a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Connecting with the birthplace of civilization and my own ancestry helped me inch closer to my true self,” said Union. “There was no other place I wanted to spend my 50th birthday. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I’m excited for audiences to join me on the journey.”

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The two-part special premieres exclusively on BET+.

Watch the trailer below: