Gregg Leakes Expresses His Love for NeNe After She Blasted Him on Social Media [Photo]

December 3, 2018

Photo Credit:  Tibrina Hobson  – Getty Images

Last week NeNe Leakes was not too happy with her husband Gregg, and took to social media to express her concerns.

NeNe went as far as calling Gregg grouchy and evil on Twitter all for him to respond on Instagram with a sweet post telling the world how amazing his wife is.

There is no doubt in the world that these two love each other, so we’re glad the Leakes were able to patch things up.

Take a look at the heartfelt message Gregg posted about NeNe:


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I never even taught about someday we might be in this position but here we are in the struggle of life Damn! This woman right here has put a mountain on her back and carried it with grace. She’s given so much of herself. You Nene, steps up to the plate, bats and knock it out the park every time. Something a lot of women can’t do or wouldn’t. So what she hit a wall and her cup run over! Pray for her, encourage her, lift her up. What good is tearing down gonna do? I’m not bed stricken and i’m not dying of cancer! I’m kicking cancers ass

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