Halle Berry Reacts To Racist Radio Host Comments About Black Women

WBLS Staff
03/27/2021 12:00 AM EDT
Halle Berry is justifiably upset after a radio host at a Buffalo, New York rock station made racist comments during a segment where he compared his toast to the skin color of Black women that he found attractive. The host, Rob Lederman, of “The Morning Bull” started the segment talking about breakfast and then he began to talk about how he prefers his toast, comparing it to the skin of Black women. He continued by saying that his toaster is set “at the attractiveness of women that I find to be attractive, so I will never go to a Serena Williams level.” He would go to mention Berry’s name and call her skin color “comfortable” for his toast. “But I am very comfortable at a Halle Berry level. I need a little bit of mulatto still coming through.” After a clip of the segment went viral, Berry would call him out on her Twitter page. Her tweet said, “Disgusting. It’s ridiculous this type of nonsense is being broadcasted across airwaves. ALL Black women are beautiful and worthy, Rob Lederman. GTFOH.” See the entire tweet below.