HBO Releasing An Earl Simmons Documentary: DMX ‘DON’T TRY TO UNDERSTAND’

11/23/2021 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
HBO is gearing up to release a documentary about the late legendary rapper Earl Simmons, DMX.It’s called DMX: DON’T TRY TO UNDERSTAND, and Christopher Frierson directs it. It follows X's life, but it starts with the Yonker’s emcee getting released from prison in 2019 for tax evasion. Fans will see DMX get his life back from that point, rekindling relationships with loved ones. The documentary also highlights X’s comeback tour and him in his hometown inspiring his community. The project will also show DMX’s financial struggles as well as his addiction. The documentary will be available on November 25. Will you be tuned in? Check out the trailer:’s career started in 1998, and throughout it, he sold over 74 million albums. He made groundbreaking history dropping five No. 1 albums from ‘98-‘03. He’s the first and only rapper to attain this achievement. He also had a successful movie career, landing roles in classics like Belly, Cradle 2 The Grave, Romeo Must Die, and more. He passed away at White Plans hospital on April 9 after suffering from a drug-induced heart attack. He left behind his fiancé Desiree Lindstrom and 15 children.DMX FOREVER! Via