Hill Harper Exits \"The Good Doctor\" To Prepare For Senate Run

Hill Harper Exits \"The Good Doctor\" To Prepare For Senate Run

WBLS Staff
11/21/2023 08:19 PM EST

Frank Eugene "Hill" Harper is running for a Senate seat in Michigan.

As previously reported, the actor behind Dr. Marcus Andrews, is trading in the Good Doctor to be the Good Senator.

The 57-year old announced his candidacy to represent Michigan in the U.S Senate as a Democrat in July. In the video announcement, Harper shared how his son, who he officially adopted in 2017, is the motivation for his decision to represent Michigan.

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“Hill Harper feels strongly that there is a crisis in American democracy — too often, government only works for the rich and powerful while the rest of us struggle to find a voice,” Harper’s campaign spokesperson told TVLine. “Hill is dedicating his efforts full time to fixing that, and he’s running for the U.S. Senate as an active union member to give working people more of a voice in Congress.”

Harper is campaigning on a platform supporting universal healthcare, climate justice, raising the federal minimum wage, and eliminating the filibuster from the U.S. Senate, according to his campaign website.

In the Democratic primary, the actor is facing Elissa Slotkin, the congressional representative for Michigan’s 7th district, who has received the majority of the race’s endorsements from key figures in the state and federal government.