Hottest R&B Songs To Kick Off 2022

02/07/2022 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff

What Are The Biggest Songs In R&B Right Now?

2021 was a great year for music, and 2022 is off to the races continuing the genres momentum. Below are seven of the biggest songs that were released in either late 2021 or to kick off 2022. You'll see some fan favorites like Mary J. Blige and The Weeknd, but also learn about some newer artists like RINI and Samm Hennshaw.

Hrs and hrs - Muni Long is truly the song of the start of the year, as far as R&B goes. “Hrs and hrs” is a smash hit record for Muni Long and rightfully so. From lyrics to vocals to the silky smooth beat - there is no fat on this track. Stream “hrs and hrs” for hours and hours.

Rent Money (feat Dave East) - Mary J. Blige J Blige can do no wrong. After listening to this song a few times you’ll be singing about an ex that may not even exist. “Look now my rent money due! I spent everything f**kin' with you, oh They say you win some, you win some you lose. All I got is rent money due!” This song was released on January 21, 2022 and is growing in popularity by the day. Dave East, the multi-talented actor and rapper is featured alongside the Queen of R&B on this song.

Swangin’ On Westheimer - Don Tolliver OR Maeta the last couple months - two talented and upcoming artists have made renditions of the song “Swangin On Westheimer.” Don Tolliver originally released this song in October of 2021 - which prompted Roc Nation artist Maeta to create a cover of the track. Swangin On Westheimer is a really unique ballad with a lot of sonic depth - it’s a real treat to compare the two versions of this song.

Red Lights (feat. Wale) - RINI’s sultry voice has burst onto the scene with his second studio album Constellations. His single “Red Lights” featuring Wale has certainly turned heads. This is a slow jam that evokes the imagery of lit candles and red neon street lights. Red Lights is a rare modern slow jam with an A-list rap feature.

Out Of Time - The Weeknd the release of The Weeknd’s fifth studio album Dawn FM, he has jumped back onto the radio and into the public eye. Out Of Time is one of The Weeknd’s groovier tracks off of Dawn FM along with Sacrifice, which has gotten more mainstream success.

DFMU - Ella Mai British “Boo’d Up” star is back with another hit! Ella Mai released her single “DFMU” just a few days ago and it has already amassed more than a million views. Fans were clearly hungry for more Ella Mai music and she has delivered.

Take Time (feat. Tobe Nwigwe) - Samm Henshaw Hennshaw’s soul-filled voice has been making waves in R&B for a few years, and his 2022 release Untidy Soul is on the rise. “Take Time” is a playful track featuring another rising talent in Tobe Nwigwe, who has made numerous genre-bending hits. If you’re looking for new artists to tap in with, you can’t go wrong with Samm Henshaw and Tobe Nwigwe.