I Am Rahab: A Novel

June 13, 2019

What kind of faith overlooks fear and dances with the unknown? 


I Am Rahab, is a multi-generational fictional journey mimicking the biblical account of Rahab the Prostitute. Set against the urban landscape of the South Bronx and reflective of the mid-eighties and nineties culture; this coming of age tale will leave you breathless. 

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I Am Rahab: A Novel her book - J.C. Miller picture

Based in Pennsylvania, JC Miller is a faith-based literary artist bringing strong females off the pages of the Bible into a modern age. Under the publishing company, Jess, Mo’ Books, she released her debut series, I Am Rahab: A Novel.

“J.C. Miller is a profound and prolific writer!”

Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire

New York Times Bestselling Author of Soul Food

JC Miller: PO Bx. 1808 Albrightsville, PA. 18210