Ja Rule Believes That He Isn’t Too Old To Rap

Ja Rule Believes That He Isn’t Too Old To Rap

Krista B.
01/22/2024 09:53 AM EST

Ja Rule is speaking his truth when it comes to his age and still being a huge figure in hip-hop. 

The rapper recently appeared on The Tamron Hall Show where he discussed his upcoming album. He stated that this new album represents a “fresh start” and that it shows that hip-hop doesn’t have an age limit. 

"My album is called Can We Watch the Sunrise Together?" he said to Tamron Hall. "If anybody's familiar with the significance of [a] sunrise, it's new beginnings, fresh starts [and] resurrections." 

He added, "For me, I think hip-hop is moving into that stage like how rock and roll did when we grew up — you know, this is the 50th anniversary of hip-hop… hip-hop is growing up, and I think it's time for artists in my age bracket to continue making music so we have those classic, you know, hip-hop stations and those classic, you know, hip-hop songs."

Ja Rule, 47, isn’t the first rapper to speak about age and hip-hop. André 3000 recently revealed that he has nothing to rap about at 48 years old that he believes would be relevant to today’s listeners. 

A few of André’s peers had some things to say about his comments, but it seems that Ja Rule is unphased by it. His latest project will be his first project in 12 years. 

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