Janet Jackson Speaks on Motherhood, Says It's Hard Being a Working Mom with No Nanny

08/22/2019 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

photo credit:David Becker / Getty Images

Janet Jackson opens up about parenthood, and dealing with taking care of her son without a nanny.

In an interview with Stellar Magazine, Janet reveals being a working mother is not easy. “It’s hard being a working mother. .I don’t have a nanny, I do it all myself. If my mother did it with nine there’s no reason why I can’t. Of course when I’m working someone watches him, but it’s my baby and me.”

Back in January 2017, Janet gave birth to her son Eissa. Eissa who is now 2-years-old, has “changed” Janet’s life. “It’s not easy at times, but my life has changed,” she said. “Obviously, my baby comes first.”

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