Jay-Z Wins $2.7M In Perfume Lawsuit

Jay-Z Wins $2.7M In Perfume Lawsuit

06/08/2023 12:00 AM EDT by Zayna Allen

Rapper Jay-Z has finally closed the door on a Parlux Fragrances lawsuit, which he won back in early 2016.

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Back in 2016, the brand sued Jay-Z for $67 million. The brand claimed that the rapper wasn’t upholding his end of the deal. Jay released one cologne with them and never released another. His reasoning was that the company had not paid him the royalties they owed him. Leading to a lawsuit.

In 2021, a jury cleared the Brooklyn rapper and said that he did not breach his contract and is not liable for the $67.6 million in damages that Parlux was seeking. He then countersued and won upwards of $ 7 million.