Jennifer Hudson To Play In Celebrity Basketball Game In Honor Of Late Brother

Jennifer Hudson To Play In Celebrity Basketball Game In Honor Of Late Brother

WBLS Staff
01/31/2024 02:19 PM EST

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has announced that she will be participating in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game as a tribute to her late brother, Jason Hudson. The heartfelt revelation was made on a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Hudson began by sharing her excitement with the audience.

"Y'all know the NBA All-Star Game is coming up," she asked. "And you know I’m a basketball mom, right?"

She went on to describe her annual tradition of attending the game with her son, David Daniel, and his cousins, affectionately calling them "Camp David" due to their shared passion for basketball.

The significance of the event for Hudson lies in the fact that it coincides with her late brother's birthday every year. Jason Hudson, along with her mother Darnell Donerson and 7-year-old nephew Julian King, tragically lost their lives in a horrifying murder in October 2008. Hudson's former brother-in-law, William Balfour, was convicted of the murders.

"His birthday was February 17th, and he was big on basketball too," she shared about her brother Jason. "So that makes me a huge basketball fan, and in honor of him, I always make a point to celebrate his birthday that way."

Joyfully, she revealed that her dream of playing in the Celebrity All-Star Game was finally coming true. "Guess what, it’s finally happening! I have been invited to play on the NBA All-Star Basketball Team!"

Expressing her determination to make her late brother proud, Hudson humorously mentioned her preparations, stating, "I’m calling everybody because I’ve got to make the son proud 'cause I can’t get out there and don’t know what I’m doing."

To ensure she gives her best, Hudson sought guidance from professional basketball coach and former player Derek Fisher, and even underwent training with NBA shooting coach Chris “Lethal Shooter” Matthews. She humorously pledged to remove her heels, glasses, hair, and nails for the game, emphasizing her commitment to the sport.

The show featured a segment of Hudson's training with Fisher, where she practiced handling and controlling the ball, and honing her shooting skills. The audience cheered as Hudson took her shots, showcasing her determination to succeed.

"Overall, I cannot shame these kids, and I want to make my brother proud on his heavenly birthday," she said,  reflecting on the upcoming game. "And after I become the MVP certified celebrity MVP, I'm gonna come back and tell y'all all about it."