John Legend Clears Up ‘Never the Closest of Friends’ Comments About Kanye West

November 1, 2019

photo credit: Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Singer John Legend has recently been faced with the backlash of his statements regarding his friendship with rapper Kanye West. Although the two have made a great deal of music together and some would say West played a key role in helping Legend land his first major record deal, John claimed that he and Kanye were “never the closest of friends.” 


As soon as the quote hit social media, people took to twitter to roast Legend for making a statement that was seemingly impossible. 


Others were upset by Legend’s disassociation with Kanye, claiming that the singer is only distancing himself from West due to his controversial political stance. 

The “All of Me” singer took to twitter to explain the context of his comments. He posted a thread tweet in which he clarified how the rest of the conversation tied into the one statement that was pulled and misinterpreted by the general public. 

Though he and Kanye were good friends, Legend explains that he and West never confided in each other which was the focus of the conversation the quote was pulled from. Legend explains that he was in no way denying his relationship with West, and that he was merely explaining one area in which he and Kanye were never that close. 


Grammy winner, and Rap legend Kanye west has burned a lot of bridges in the past year and a half. His support for Donald Trump has ended a number of friendships and made him one of the most polarizing figures in Hip-Hop culture. Will John Legend be the next one to go, or is this just another “misunderstanding”.