Judge Greg Mathis Accused of Threatening LA City Workers With Gun

Judge Greg Mathis Accused of Threatening LA City Workers With Gun

07/28/2023 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Judge Greg Mathis is on the opposite side of this law this time.

According to TMZ, Judge Greg Mathis was in a heated exchange with Los Angeles City employees working outside of his Bel-Air home.

Allegedly an employee from the L.A. Dept. of Water and Power made a report Tuesday accusing Mathis of threatening workers with a gun after a heated confrontation. According to the employee, Mathis was displeased after they asked him to move his vehicle. Shortly after, words were exchanged and things escalated to the point of Mathis allegedly flashing and pointing his gun at the workers.

TMZ spoke with Mathis for his side of the story. He claims the employees were actually blocking his vehicle in and he was unable to pull out of his driveway.

Mathis says one of the employees told him he'd get run over by their work truck if he did not move his vehicle. Mathis took that as a threat and informed the city workers that he had a weapon. He clarified that he never showed the gun or even pointed it at anyone.

Though the situation eventually de-escalated, the city workers, still upset about Mathis' choice words, informed the cops.

The Los Angeles Police Department took a brandishing report and the case is officially under investigation.