Juror In R.Kelly's Trial Excused After Having A Panic Attack

09/14/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
During the closing arguments of R.Kelly’s Chicago trial, a juror was excused from the proceedings after suffering a panic attack. According to reports, the incident took place on Monday, Sept 12th, when the female juror began to have a panic attack during the closing arguments from the defense and prosecution. The judge excused the juror around 3:30 pm and was replaced by someone else. It was previously reported that the disgraced singer was sentenced to 30 years in prison during his New York trial for his sex trafficking and racketeering crimes. Kelly was also ordered to pay a $100,000 fine. R.Kelly is currently on trial in Chicago on a set of different charges where he was accused of recording himself on video having sex with multiple minors, rigging his 2008 pornography trial, and luring minors for sex. His business manager, Derrel McDavid, and associate, Milton “June” Brown are also being tried with him. They are being accused of conspiring with Kelly to intimidate and bribe witnesses as well as trying to cover up evidence from the 2008 criminal trial on child pornography. During the trial, McDavid was the only one to testify. His attorney, Beau Brindley said, “The only two people who said he did anything wrong are two people who plainly lied… The evidence fits together to expose a lie.” Prosecutors on the case are arguing that Kelly and his two associates have worked together to keep the videotapes of his sexual abuse of a minor a secret. The jurors were also shown parts of the videos in court. “Robert Kelly abused many girls over many years. He committed horrible crimes agaisnt children. And he didn’t do it alone… McDavid and Brown worked to get those tapes back because they would be completely damning,” the prosecution said.R.Kelly is currently waiting to learn his fate after the closing arguments conclude and the jury reaches a verdict. We will keep you posted with updates on this matter.