Kandi Burruss Opens About Her Breast Reduction Surgery

08/20/2021 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Kandi Burruss is getting candid about her recent breast reduction surgery. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star decided to open up to her fans about the recent work she has done on herself after other celebrities, who she refused to name, declined to share their stories with fans. Essence reported that Burruss let the cameras roll during the process of her surgery. The entire thing was is on her YouTube show, “Speak on It,” a series that will take a deep dive into plastic surgery, weight-loss surgery, botox, and, more. “There are so many celebrities out there who tweak and fix and they never claim it or if they do they never share who did the work unless the person did it for free and they’re doing it for a post or something like that,” Burruss said. She continued, “Let’s talk to the people who are out there being fans of us and fans of all these celebrities. Let them know the real. It may be somebody out there that may see some celebrity and be like ‘Oh I think their body is so dope,’ not knowing they can have that body, too! I just feel like, share your sources. Let’s talk about it. Let’s see how we can make things easier for people who really want to get those types of results.”She went on to explain the different kinds of procedures that she has had done. Watch the entire video below.