Kelsey Grammer Says He 'Would Love To Reboot' 2000's Sitcom, 'Girlfriends'

Kelsey Grammer Says He 'Would Love To Reboot' 2000's Sitcom, 'Girlfriends'

11/29/2023 05:10 PM EST by WBLS Staff

2000's hit sitcom Girlfriends was a game-changer for many and still is to this day. The show ended abruptly due to the writer's strike in the late 2000s. Now the show's executive producer, Kelsey Grammer, is sharing his thoughts on reviving the show for the first time.

In a Q&A with Deadline, he revealed that he would be interested in seeing the show rebooted.

"I would love to reboot Girlfriends. Of course, it would probably be a different kind of show, but we got The Game back on and that was wonderful," Grammer said.

“I don’t know if Paramount+ is gonna grab another season of that but you never know," he continued. "I think they should because I know many people who love that show and love those characters and would like to see them continue. We’ll see what happens.”

Grammer also took that moment to shine some light on Tracee Ellis Ross who played the lead role in the sitcom.

“But yeah, I would love to reboot Girlfriends and I would love to see Tracee [Ellis Ross] in that role again,” he said. “She was terrific in that. The show was a wonderful opportunity to see all those young women start out. It’s such a beautiful ensemble effort and I was very proud to be connected to that.”